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What you will learn in this Program

Mindset & Productivity

Social Media Management

Social Media Branding

Social Media Paid Ads

Introduction to copywriting

WhatsApp Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

YouTube Marketing & Monetization

sales Funnel & Pixel Conversion

Canva MasterClass

Introduction to AI Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing Training

Who is this course designed for?


Aspiring Digital Marketers:

Individuals who are passionate about digital marketing and want to build a career in this field. They may have some basic knowledge or be complete beginners looking to gain practical skills and industry-recognized certifications.


Recent Graduates:

Fresh graduates from various educational backgrounds who are looking to enter the job market with a strong skill set in digital marketing. This course helps them bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical industry requirements.


Career Switchers:

Professionals from different fields who are looking to transition into digital marketing. They might have experience in other industries and want to leverage their skills in a new and growing field.



Business owners and startup founders who want to learn how to effectively market their products or services online. This course provides them with the tools and strategies needed to boost their online presence and drive business growth.


Business Owners:

Established business owners who want to enhance their digital marketing efforts to stay competitive in the market. They seek to understand the latest trends and techniques to improve their digital marketing strategies and achieve better results.

Cost of Training

  • Registration Fee
    Registration Fee 15,000 FCFA frs

    Everyone is expected to register in order to be added to the training group.

  • Tuition Fee
    Tuition Fee 150, 000 FCFA frs

    This fee can be paid installments, upon registration, details will be given.

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